Meet Your Council
Meet Your Council: BACK ROW (L-R): Mayor Garth Gillis, Councillor Billy Gamble, Councillor Andy Henry, CAO Bob Brooks
FRONT ROW (L-R): Councillor Audrey Shillabeer, Deputy Mayor Virginia Cooke, Councillor Joanne Vessey, Councillor Lynn Docherty

Public Call for Gas Tax Funding Proposals, click here for more information.

No Parking in front of Firehall Bay Doors!

The Belfast Rural Fire Department would like to remind all residents, not to park in front of the Firehall Bay Doors, at any time, for any reason!

Not only will your vehicle be subject to removal, and you will be subject to a ticket/fine; you are endangering lives and property should your parking habits delay our Firefighters from responding to a fire!

Thank you for being considerate.